All you need to know about soffit and fascia

soffit and fascia

How many times did you hear the words ‘fascia’ and ‘soffit’? Probably, never. Now, you must be wondering how these words are connected to your house. Fascia and soffits are important features of our house, but we do not recognize their importance till it is very late. These small and minute parts regulate the temperature of our house and the way it breathes. If anything goes wrong with these components, you will notice significant problems like moisture damage, formation of pests, and rotting wood. You should not ignore such problems as these components play an active role in the ventilation of your house.

Soffit and Fascia

If you have never heard these words before, they may sound funny. These words are often mentioned while talking about roof replacement or siding & fascia replacement in Loveland Colorado. Most of the homeowners have no idea about these parts. Unless you have faced any problem regarding leaks or inspected these areas before, you might be wondering what these funny words mean. Soffit refers to the area of the overhang where the roof and siding meet. During rainfall or snowfall, water or snow run down, and the overhang allows for the passage of water away from your home. The soffit lies beneath the overhang, between the edge of the roof and the side of your house. Not that every house has a soffit, but a soffit is common in many houses. The soffit takes part in the regulation of temperature in your house. It takes in cool air and lets out warm air. The fascia provides an aesthetic look to your house by making it look complete. You can find your gutter above the fascia. Fascia helps in keeping moisture out of your house. These components do not need any maintenance. So, they do not get enough attention. However, in case of any problem you have to take help of soffit replacement in Loveland. Soffit and fascias are important, and you cannot delay the repair or replacement process. These components can get seriously affected due to bad weather conditions and ice damming. So, contact the professionals if you face any problems.